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"If they want it bad, they'll get it bad."

Cindy for Senate KS

Dear Friend --

“If they want it bad, they'll get it bad.” It’s a phrase Sen. Denning uses frequently and it means that if someone wants something badly enough, he’ll give them a bad version of it. In fact, he used the phrase last week during the Senate select committee regarding Medicaid expansion. Denning's “plan” for Medicaid expansion is layered with unnecessary provisions designed to create barriers and delays.

His obstruction has led to irreparable suffering for nearly 150,000 Kansans who can’t afford private health insurance. It’s shameful – and costly. Because of Senator Denning, the state has forfeited over $3.7 billion in our federal tax dollars that should have been used to help our people and our health care system. The delays he has added to his proposal for Medicaid Expansion could cause the state to miss out on another $756 million in funding and perpetuate suffering for those without access to healthcare.  

Senator Denning is only considering Medicaid expansion for two reasons: 1) he has an election coming up, and 2) his constituents have spent years pressuring him to carry out the will of the people.

You deserve better. You need a Senator who fights for your priorities, not just when it’s convenient, but especially when it’s hard. I have spent my time in the Statehouse working for Medicaid expansion, full funding of our schools, and repairing the state after the Brownback experiment.

If you want someone representing you in the Senate that will end “The Denning Delay” and fight for your future and your values, support our campaign by clicking below.

“If you want it bad, you will get it bad.” That is Senator Denning’s pledge to you. I have a different mantra – “Do what is good for constituents and our state.” Join our team and together we will build a stronger Kansas.

Cindy Holscher

Sources: Sunflower State Journal and Topeka Capital-Journal