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Johnson County Voting Information

Have you applied to vote by mail?

Voting by mail is both a great way to make voting easy AND to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. This summer, the Johnson County Election Office mailed advance voting applications for both the primary and general elections to all active voters. 

If you were a registered voter in Johnson County in May, you should have received that application, which will have some information pre-filled. If you didn't received an application or weren't yet registered, fill out your application as soon as possible to receive your ballot through the USPS in mid-October.

Are you an inactive voter?

Advance ballot applications were only sent to active voters. If you haven't voted in awhile or moved without re-registering, you may be marked as inactive. Check your voting status here. If you're not sure, be sure to check anyway.

Not registered?

That's alright. Make this the year the start of your life as a voter. It's the best way to directly impact your government and who represents your values. Apply before October 13 to vote in this year's general election. Register through the Johnson County Election Office today.

Important deadlines

General Election (November 3):

  • Register - October 13
  • Apply for advance ballot - October 27 by 5pm
  • Return advance ballot - Postmarked by Election Day

Still want to vote in person?

You can still vote this year in person as early as October 19 at lots of locations. You can see all the advanced voting locations and hours at this link and decide what's best for you. 

To find out your polling place on election day (November 3), visit this link and confirm your voting information.

Have more questions?

Contact the Johnson County Election Office by email ([email protected]) or phone (913-715-6800).