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  • A resident of Johnson County for 20 years, Cindy and her husband Greg, have three children who attend public schools.
  • Cindy spent 12 years in the business community working in management at Sprint Yellow Pages before devoting herself full-time to raising children and volunteering to better the community.
  • Cindy has served as a volunteer with the Harvester’s BackSnack program, with her church, the local library, and in the classroom.
  • Cindy has served as a leader with the PTA, both locally and at the state level.



Legislative Accomplishments and Key Votes


  • Votes consistently for bills and amendments to increase public school funding
  • Voted to add over $500M to public school funding during the 2018 session (bill signed 4/17/18 and 5/17/18 for trailer bill)
  • Voted for 2019 bill to add $90M to bring funding to levels of constitutional compliance
  • Voted for restoration of teacher due process

Health Care

  • Voted in favor of Medicaid Expansion and consistently advocates for its passage in the Senate
  • Voted for the expansion of telemedicine, which ensures services are more widely covered by health insurance companies (HB 2028, signed 5/13/18)

Budget/Tax Reform

  • Ended the worst parts of the Brownback experiment by voting to close the LLC loophole and returning the state to responsible fiscal policy, all while keeping taxes at the lowest levels since 2012. (SB 30; veto override 6/5/17)
  • Helped prevent the return of extremist tax policy in the 2018 and 2019 sessions
  • Supported and voted for the 2018 budget, which included funding for:

    • T-Works - a vital, long-term jobs and transportation infrastructure program
    • higher education and teaching hospitals
    • Meals on Wheels program

Sexual Harassment and Coercion

  • Introduced HB 2621, which made it a crime for law enforcement to engage in sexual relations with detainees (signed into law 5/10/18)
  • Introduced HB 2695 which prevents taxpayer funds from being used for sexual harassment cases involving state elected officials (signed into law 5/15/18)
  • Introduced legislation providing housing protections for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or stalking (Senate version of the bill was passed in 2019 session)
  • Introduced legislation prohibiting the labeling/defining of children under the age of 14 as 'aggressors' (as a means to reduce the length of sentence for defendants) in sexually violent crimes (Senate version of the bill was passed in 2019 session)


  • Advocated and voted for HB 2579, which compensates those proven to be wrongly convicted of and imprisoned for crimes (signed into law 5/15/18)
  • Voted for HB 2145 to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers (signed into law 4/20/18)
  • Co-sponsored HB 2699 prohibiting “Gut and Go” procedures in the Legislature
  • Votes consistently to reduce and/or eliminate the food sales tax
  • Helped form and lead the Women’s Caucus, which worked in a collaborative, bipartisan fashion to end the Brownback experiment