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Key Issues – And RESULTS!!!

Cindy has a collaborative work style along with a proven track record of working across party lines to achieve common sense solutions for Kansas.  When talks were stifling regarding a tax reform plan during her first session, Cindy reached across the aisle and helped formed the House Women’s Caucus.  In a collaborative fashion, this group worked to carve solutions to a very unstable situation.  Through their efforts, the disastrous Brownback experiment was ended which has brought more stability to our state.



  • Cindy has consistently advocated for and voted to constitutionally fund our public K-12 schools.  In the 2018 session she voted to add over $500 Million to public school funding and then voted to add $90 Million in 2019 to bring the state closer to complying with our constitution. 
  • Cindy also believes it is important to invest in higher education.  Previous state Legislatures have implemented cuts that exceed over $100M over the past ten years.  As we work to stabilise our budget and meet the needs of the state, Cindy believes it is imperative we get back on track with funding higher education. 
  • Showing respect to those who teach our students is important to Cindy as she has consistently voted for the restoration of due process for our teachers. 


Health Care

  • Even prior to her arrival in the State House, Cindy advocated for and supported Medicaid Expansion.  Those efforts have continued in the Legislature.  Our state has forfeited over $3 Billion dollars in funding which could help save our rural hospitals as well as provide much needed healthcare to over 130,000 people, many of whom are the working poor in our state. 
  • As part of the Health Care Committee, Cindy supported the expansion of telemedicine which ensures  services are more widely covered by health insurance companies.


Sexual Harassment/Sexual Crimes Issues

  • During her first term, Cindy introduced two key bills in regard to Sexual harassment issues.  The first was HB 2621 which made it a crime for law enforcement to engage in sexual relations with detainees.  The bill passed both chambers and was signed by the Governor.  The second bill prohibits the use of taxpayer funds from being used for sexual harassment cases involving state elected officials.  This provision was passed as part of the budget and signed by the Governor.
  • In the 2019 session, Cindy introduced legislation providing housing protections for victims of domestic abuse crimes as well as legislation that prohibited the labeling/defining of children under the age of 14 as aggressors in sexually violent crimes.  Versions of both of those bills were passed through the Senate and signed by the Governor. 


Additional Issues

  • Cindy was a very vocal supporter of HB 2579; a bill which compensates those wrongly convicted and imprisoned (the bill passed and was signed into law 5/15/18).
  • As a co-sponsor of a bill to prohibit the use of  “Gut and Go” procedures in the Legislature, Cindy has worked to  allow greater transparency of business conduced at the State House.
  • As an advocate of the people, Cindy supports reducing or eliminating the sales tax on food as it disproportionately affects those of lower incomes or on fixed incomes.